Saturday, November 27, 2010


Ladies, i am deleting this blog and moving to a new one :(
The Basic concept for this blog was a school project, now that i have finished with school i am moving on to a new one that covers more topics i relate to. On this new blog i will have weekly updates on every section! It will have more advice on topics that we ladies relate to and have more questions about like eyebrow, face shapes, makeup tips, wardrobe advice etc. I am still keeping the SocietyGirl project going and soon will be launching the Socialite on this new site.
i hope that you follow me on this new blog and enjoy my advice on all the topics that you want to hear about! 
i hope to see you soon on my follower's list! so i can also follow you. any questions please email
this blog will be deleted on Sunday Dec 5, 2010 
giving you enough time to find it and follow 
thanks for all the support with this project and i hope to see you on my new blog!